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Nemertes Research: Solid Customer Experience Relies on Well-Managed Communications

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UCC Performance Management Key to Success for Internal and External Customers

For years, organizations have relied upon third-party specialist tools to monitor and manage performance of their Unified Communications and Collaboration apps. The primary goal has been straight-forward: keep the apps and associated connectivity up and running so employees can communicate and maintain their productivity.

Now, the need for high uptime, quality sound and video, troubleshooting and root-cause detection, along with detailed analytics, has become even more vital. The driver? Improving customer experience for both internal customers (employees, contractors) and external customers (those who buy the products and services) through better means of engagement.

Nearly every organization uses UCC apps today, and 85% either have or are developing a Digital Customer Experience (DCX) initiative. Specialty performance management tools help
them work optimally; already, 61% of organizations use such tools. Some of the key benefits they have found include the following:

  • Top UCC performance results in more satisfied customers who count on the UCC apps to engage with the company, or for employees to collaborate with one another.
  • Reduction in UCC operational costs by an average of 43% for companies with more than 1,000 licenses, driven in part by spending less time troubleshooting problems.
  • Improved employee productivity from 16% without performance management tools to 21% with them, driven in part by detecting the root cause of problems to reduce the time internal and external customers are affected.
  • Avoidance of downtime and outages by proactively analyzing when conditions are ripe for problems and taking steps to avoid them.

This report details the role of performance management in successful UCC deployments, and how both deliver measurable success in employee productivity and customer experience.

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Author: Robin Gareiss - President Nemertes Research

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